Welcome to GRIPPT.

Get a GRIPPT!  Grippt is a local club/company/ state of mind promoting Disc Golf in Mount Vernon Wa.  The goal of GRIPPT is to inspire disc golf.  Its not really something that makes money but rather encourages the state of mind of positive disc golf.  GRIPPT is an outlet for creative designs and positive people.  Team members are those who are positive and are fun to golf with.  The products are nothing more than an expression of that.

GRIPPT is just a garage company.  We have many logos and ideas for clothing and stamps but only run them in limited amounts.  It’s not a something that we make money on.  That’s what the day job is for.  Speaking of day job, if you need an Architect let GRIPPT know because that can easily be arranged.  Thanks for visiting the page.  It’s mainly disc golf but I sneak in some other stuff to.



Work Less.....

Throw More!!!!